Fine Art Etchings since 1977

In Florence, on a narrow street in the historic arts district of Santo Spirito, artisans at L'IPPOGRIFO STAMPE D'ARTE create original fine art engravings through the ancient technique of Acquaforte. Acquaforte allows for precise, finely detailed prints using a meticulous, multi-step technique of acid etching. It is the specialty of Gianni Raffaelli, a renowned Florentine master artist and engraver for over 40 years.

In his warm and inviting studio, Gianni designs traditional and contemporary images which he incises by hand on thin copper plates. The images are then printed in a limited edition, using a hand press on high-quality acid-free paper. Talented artist Francesca Bellesi, Gianni’s wife, paints each print by hand. This is a very traditional Florentine artform, kept alive through centuries when such engravings provided a window on the world - just as photography does today.

Fine art engravings from the studio of L'IPPOGRIFO STAMPE D'ARTE have been exhibited internationally as well as in Italy. Discerning art lovers collect these etchings as iconic “Made in Italy” remembrances of Florence and as beautiful, timeless art that complements any décor.

Should you find yourself in Florence, stop by L'IPPOGRIFO STAMPE D'ARTE to enjoy a daily guided studio tour hosted by the third member of the family, son Duccio Raffaelli. Duccio explains the intricate Acquaforte process to art lovers and curious visitors, letting them browse freely through the wide assortment of work exhibited in the gallery.

Furnishings, commissions and one-of-a-kind gifts

Custom furnishings

L'IPPOGRIFO STAMPE D'ARTE has a long tradition of collaborating with architects and designers to create exclusive accessories that can enhance any engraving in the studio’s collection. Special customized matting and hand-decorated frames can elevate any piece to the next level, creating unique design statements for homes, period residences, hotels and restaurants. Or go completely custom with your own commissioned art! Gianni can create exclusive editions of original engravings to commemorate special events such as weddings, corporate initiatives and company promotions.

Our frames

An essential research

Whether a valuable engraving or a simple drawing, all art benefits from inspired framing. L'IPPOGRIFO STAMPE D'ARTE creates custom-made frames that enhance both the artwork and the space where the work is displayed. We begin with raw wood which is sanded and puttied to remove notches and imperfections. The surface is then evened out with several layers of cementite and sanded again before being painted and polished. Our frames, both classic and modern, showcase and protect your art while adding a unique finishing touch to your collection.

A feather in our cap


In 2020, Gianni Raffaelli was one of a small group of master Florentine artisans selected to collaborate on Dolce and Gabbana’s haute couture collection entitled “Renaissance and Rebirth." Held at the Palazzo Vecchio in the Salone dei Cinquecento, one of the most prestigious venues of the Italian Renaissance, the exhibition featured handmade pieces by local workshops that exemplified the artistic traditions of the Renaissance. L'IPPOGRIFO STAMPE D'ARTE contributions included a collection called “Acquaforte Print Shirt” for noted Italian designer Federico Curradi as well as a “Bags and Pillows” collection of L’Ippogrifo’s own designs.